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In today's world of modern madness, societal pressures and high octane lifestyle, it isn't uncommon to find yourself feeling lost or stuck in a negative cycle. You aren't sure if things are bad or serious enough to seek professional help.

You may want to feel relief and change, but you're not sure how to get there.

At Embolden, we understand that. We hear you and we see you.

We believe that together we can find you relief while equipping you with lifelong tools for courage and clarity.

Counselling is a much misunderstood concept layered with taboo.

It is not a process of imparting knowledge or exclusively for the mentally ill, but a rather dynamic process between the counsellor and client in which solutions emerge as a joint venture of the two. Sometimes a counsellor can be more trusted than a loved one by being a proactive, impartial and non-judgmental guide.

At Embolden, we aim to create a safe, protective, compassionate and confidential environment for you to fully explore your life experiences. Our goal is to encourage you to live enabled and fulfilled life which is self-driven. We aim to bring you to a state of self-exploration, self-realization and self-confidence.

Our founder, Aarti Tatineni, is a counsellor and public health professional promoting holistic wellbeing and life skills education, based in Hyderabad, India.


Embolden means to instill confidence and foster courage. To inspire and strengthen from within. To create new experiences. To heal with compassion. To live life to its fullest … every day.

Our goal is to EMBOLDEN you!

Our Focus Areas

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Parent Child Counselling

Counselling for Adolescents

Educating Educators

Career Counselling

Maternal Mental Health

Relationship Counselling

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)



Raising Children with Special Needs

Functional Skills for Children with Special Needs

Life Skills Education for Adolescents

School Counselling

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Are you wondering what the next steps are and how it works?

It all starts with you and a conversation.

When you reach out, we will schedule an appointment to meet in person. After your initial consultation, we will explore your needs and goals for therapy. If we are able to align, we can schedule weekly sessions and begin work.

And don't worry - if you are looking for a counsellor with a different approach, we will be able to provide you with referrals.

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