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At EMBOLDEN, we aim to create a safe, protective, compassionate and confidential environment for you to fully explore your life experiences. Our goal is to encourage you to live enabled and fulfilled life which is self-driven. We aim to bring you to a state of self-exploration, self-realization and self-confidence.

Our founder, Aarti Tatineni, is a counsellor and public health professional promoting holistic wellbeing and life skills education, based in Hyderabad, India.

Counselling is all about creating a safe space where you aren't judged for who you are and the decisions you make. We help people move past emotional roadblocks to forge a new positive path in their lives. We believe that our counselling and therapy is about helping people embrace themselves and navigate life in the best way possible by making healthy and positive self-driven choices. A counsellor is your confidant and listener whom you can trust through your emotional journey and helps you see the brighter side of life. Contrary to popular belief, counselling is not only for people who are upset or troubled with “big” problems, but for everyone and anyone. A counsellor can help you make healthy decisions, identify solutions, overcome fear and help you work through complex situations through open non-judgmental communication and discussion.

At Embolden, we can help you deal with the smallest to the largest of problems and move towards a more peaceful and joyful future. Through our specialties of child therapy, adolescent counselling, couples therapy, play therapy, child/parent relationship therapy, we help clients move past pain and heartache to build strong relationships and bonds with family and the outside society at large to start living happier and healthier lives. we particularly enjoy working with young adults, helping them find their true passion in life and in the process enable them to realize their highest potential.

I can help you deal with the smallest to the largest of problems
 I have gathered a substantial amount of expertise counselling

We have gathered a substantial amount of expertise counselling children, teens, couples and individuals over the past 10 years. We have a special interest in dealing with children, as we firmly believe that a healthy childhood is the foundation for a healthy adulthood. We have helped children emotionally heal from maladaptive behaviors, trauma of parent separation and divorce, anxiety, depression, addictions, bullying, ADHD and bipolar disorders by surpassing limitations of their verbal and developmental level expression through the process of therapeutic play therapy, creative art therapy and the calming power of mindfulness.

We are extremely passionate about maternal mental health and have been working closely with child birthing centers in Hyderabad to bring awareness on post part depression, healthy birthing and confident parenting. We realize that the journey to motherhood and raising a child is no picnic! If you find yourself worried about being a parent, or dealing with the challenges of being a new mom, or struggling with a toddler, or in a never ending battle with a young adolescent - you have come to the right place. We conduct regular group and private sessions focusing on empowering moms at every stage.

I am extremely passionate about maternal mental health

In addition to college degrees and specialized trainings, Aarti has over 10 years of private practice experience, collaborate with several schools, colleges, and NGO’s across India and the UK and work with mothers, children, young adolescents and their families in the school and home setting. She absolutely loves the work she does and helping clients attain EMBOLDENED, healthy and happier lives has been the biggest driving force of her.

Aarti Tatineni Credentials

Doctorate in Learning and Organisational Leadership
Baylor University, USA (*In Progress )

Masters in Public Health Research
University of Edinburgh, UK

Bachelor of Science
Osmania University, India

Bachelor of Education
Osmania University, India

Certificate in Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Certificate in Science of Wellbeing

Diploma in Professional Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

Diploma in Professional Psychotherapy

Diploma in Relationship Counselling

Diploma in Professional Life Coaching

Certificate in Counselling Children and Adolescents

Advanced Certificate in Child Psychology

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